How to Email Large Files on Outlook

  • Easiest way to send large files on Outlook!

    MS Outlook is totally dominated email client to offer best features in emailing and that is why it is popular among professionals and home users. On Outlook you get lots of features like calendar, appointments, contacts, notes etc and it make your emailing experience better. Sending files via email attachment is very common and necessary job. You may need to transfer files containing reports, photos, documents etc by email that is easy on Outlook but real problem comes out when file size is larger. Often users face this issue and fail to send large size files via email because Outlook does not allow them. The reason is that Outlook email server has a limited capacity in transferring files. Generally, email servers have variable capacity to when it comes about file transfer via email. In the same way, MS Outlook users can send maximum 20 megabytes information in a file and if the file size exceeds this limit with respect to the size, it throws an error message, “Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit” and blocks attachments.

    It is a common problem and majority of users have experienced such issue while emailing large files using Outlook. If you do not know how to email large files on Outlook, you will left with blocked attachments. However, most of users have come over this problem and use file compression technology to reduce total file size without any loss of information. It is really a good idea to compose emails with large size files. First compress large size videos, documents, reports, photos and other files in a single archive and then simply add it to email attachment. However, safe and lossless file compression is an important thing that users should consider while archiving large size files.

    If you are also running into the same situation and receiving error messages while composing email to send large size files. Stop trying more and take advantage of advanced technology with Remo MORE. This software offers smart features to compress and email large size files on Outlook with great ease. It is completely an automated program to assist users to compose email with large size files on any email server like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo etc. Irrespective of any MS Outlook version, this software works efficiently and compresses large size files without modifying or removing information intact on file. Now, large size of files is not an issue when you are sending them via email attachment on MS Outlook. This software is equally effective on all popular Windows computer for emailing large files on Outlook. User can try it’s free trial version also that is easily available on internet.

    Steps to use this application:

    Step I: Install this application your computer and launch it. From main screen, select Manage option and then click on Compress and Burn option as shown in Figure (I).

    How to Email Large Files on Outlook - Compress & Burnn

    Fig (I) : Compress & Burn

    Step II: Now, select Zip option to compress large files before emailing them as shown in Figure (II).

    How to Email Large Files on Outlook - Zip Option

    Fig (II) : Zip Option

    Step III: sSe Add Files option to add files that you want to compress fro emailing them on Outlook. Then click on Compress option as shown in Figure (III).

    How to Email Large Files on Outlook - Add Files & Compress

    Fig (III) : Add Files & Compress

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